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July Travels

photo courtesy Lori Adamski-Peek

Well folks it’s been going pretty fast here. We’ll start off with the end of June when I went to the Bob Feist Roping and the Perry Roping. I had a lot of fun there and did really well. I look forward to going back next year.

Recently I taught a barrel racer clinic at Steve Smith and Leta Scott’s place. It was my first one and I’ve never done one that way. Steve Smith’s daughter Stevie was the star of the show. She’s the sweetest young lady I’ve ever met. She’s going to be a heck of a hand. Thanks to Kathy Archuleta for putting that clinic on.

From that clinic I went on to have some fun in Alabama where I met up with Amy Smith to put a clinic on for her. Amy really did a good job getting this clinic done. The people and horses were great and I had a good time, but the weather was a little bit warm—but not too bad.

Then I followed that with a LIVE television interview with Lizy Iwersen on Monday July 9th in Nashville, Tennesee. She is so easy to do an interview with. That interview was very, very exciting. Lizy is a team roper, and a new friend of mine.  You’ll be able to see the interview as soon as we get it posted to YouTube.

After my time in Tennessee, I came home and then I was off to Portland to see my good friends Nancy and Samantha. They put on a semi-private clinic. I really like them—they treat me like a King! I stayed in the Hilton business executive suites, eating at the finest restaurants and we ride and have a great time there. Went to dinner at the Chart House, they had my name on the top of the menu saying “Welcome Les Vogt.” They were all printed that way–don’t know how they did that. That was sure sweet of them.  Then, Samantha gave me a book on California History that was published in 1930 by Joe Morrow, it’s out of publication now. I totally enjoyed it and thank you Samantha!

As usual, I went to the Salinas Rodeo during the 3rd week of July, I’ve been to Salinas since I was a kid. I’ve won the Hackamore or Bridle class 21 times—there is no place in the world I would rather go. It’s the most traditional, fun and interesting and awesome place to be during the 3rd week of July.  The arena is big, the cattle are wild and the tomcats are good. I don’t know how many people have actually done this—I don’t think very many—but I team roped and showed in the Hackamore class for the first time this year. I made the finals in the Hackamore, but I couldn’t finish up the Hackamore cow work like I wanted to so I tied for 4th place instead of first like I planned. I had Sparky there and he was absolutely dynamic. I did pretty well in the team roping. I have never done anything more thrilling or exciting. They score the cattle down the end about 30-35 feet, then they make you wait a long time in the box. The cattle are going as fast as they can go and by the time you get halfway down the arena they’re still pulling away from you. At that point you wonder why am you’re there, but then you catch up and get one caught going that fast you understand what it’s all about. It’s a race that separates the men from the boys—there’s no thrill like the competition at Salinas or even a bigger thrill winning!

After Salinas, I came home to get ready to go to the Valley Cowhorse Association Pre-Futurity in Bakersfield. I went to school Sparky and did some soft runs on him. There were some spots I wanted to work on, but I wanted to apologize for all the hard runs I made. I think that was very beneficial and worth my time. I totally believe in schooling shows and I got to show Zip—my 3-year-old who belongs to Laurie Adamski Peek—for the first time. I wish I would have kept him, he is a show horse. I took him at half speed and he still burned the hair off of both hocks. He lost a cow in herd work, but that was not a problem—it wasn’t for much money, but we really, really, really enjoyed having that horse as a show horse. Certain horses are show horses and others aren’t, but Zip is. He scored a 72.5 in rein work and a 72.5 down the fence at half speed, in schooling runs, so I think we have a promise there for the Futurity.

Karen Lafever sent me something that brought tears to my eyes. She sent me two paintings of Sparky. She’s a fan, and these are big, about 2-3 feet tall paintings. One is a head and neck view and the other is stopping picture. It brought tears to my eyes. He’ll be in front of me for the rest of my life in those paintings. I thank Karen so much for the paintings. She wouldn’t take a dime, but she wants to ride Sparky, so I told her to come on over, we would love to have her, and let her ride Sparky around for awhile.  Sparky would probably like that too! Her work is incredible.

Now it’s the first part of August  and futurity season is creeping up on us fast. I’ve been team roping every day and I think I’m doing better all the time. I know I am. I stopped in to see Rusty Watkins to do some roping and I had a ball there. Now I will work my horses all week here and patch up the leaks in my business system here. Then I’m off to Colorado to work with Carol Robinson this weekend in Colorado Springs. Then on Monday, August 6th, I do an interview with Aaron Ralston, for a segment on his show on Rural TV.

We’re pretty busy, as you can see, and the Paso Robles Snaffle Bit Futurity—which is a pretty big one—starts on Monday, August 13th. And here we go…

I’ve been riding in my new Jim Taylor saddle. Jim is going to make saddles for my friends and me. I totally endorse them. I can’t tell you how much better I can ride in my Jim Taylor saddle. I won’t brag on, recommend or endorse anything unless I know darn well that it’s the best and that it helps me to be a better horseman and would help you too. Jim Taylor saddles definitely do.

Cowhorse U Program is doing very well. You can find it on our website. It’s designed to help you and your horse to be the best you can be, so you can maximize you and your horse’s capacity. It’s a step-by-step, very comprehensive program.

I really like Grand Meadows joint supplements for people and horses. I have my horses on Grand Meadows—it has 300 percent more Hyaluronic Acid—plus other ingredients—more than any other joint supplement on the market. It’s also FDA approved. I take it myself in the human form. It’s great.

To sum it up, Cowhorse U is sensational, it gives you the knowledge to be successful; Jim Taylor saddles will give you the physical capacity to maximize your riding; and Grand Meadows helps with the joints in both you and your horses.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  Hope you all have a good day and thanks for reading…


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