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Well hello folks. It’s nice to be talking to you again; it’s actually nice to be home even though it’s only for about three whole days! I’ll fill you in as to what I‘ve been doing and who I’ve been doing it with. I’ve had some really fun times lately.

I went to Arlington, Washington, and did a three day clinic for Gretchen Salstrom at Black Raven Stables. We had a lot of cows, cow horses, cowboys and cowgirls. I had a wonderful time working with people that were very hungry for knowledge and everybody got a lot out of it. I was very impressed to have some of my old students back again, some that had been to my clinic as many as six times! I had one person stop by and he strangely enough had been to fifteen clinics! He was quite an individual. He brought two horses to one of the Washington clinics about ten years ago. Both horses, I told him, were basically a waste of time to make show horses out of.  He, being as hard-headed as he is, decided he would show me just to spite me and make these horses into show horses. After he showed up to about a dozen clinics, I began to see where he was coming from, because lo and behold, he amazed me. My own methods, my own theories, my own program actually amazed me also, that it really did work on these horses I considered substandard. He’d gotten these horses really soft and really happy. Their whole demeanor changed and believe me they did perform well. He came by to visit and say hi. I was happy to see him too. (more…)


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