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Hello everybody,

Cow horse students in SwedenI am fresh home from my latest adventure, which was nine or ten days in Sweden. I had two three-day clinics there, all targeted towards training the cow horse. They only took ten horses for each clinic so that kept the numbers down. The people were thirsty for knowledge, and they learned a lot. It’s especially fun to go to a country that has really no experience with the working cow horse, or at least very little, and explain traditions and customs, the different styles of creating a working cow horse, and to set standards that they will hopefully uphold forever. They actually save many, many years of mistakes by learning about the refinement of standards while the cow horse sport is young! As always, it was fun to visit with lots of old friends, as I was there last year too!

Of course, many thanks to my wonderful friend, Hakan Bergh and Per Larsson, that put on the clinic. It was at Per Larsson’s ranch, where we had the clinic. We had a beautiful indoor arena, good dirt, and Holstein cattle – actually, they worked pretty well for this bunch of riders! They learned an awful lot about positioning, balancing a cow, position on a cow, rate with a cow, and how to succeed in putting a cow horse on a cow properly.

Horse trailer in SwedenThere were two or three people in the clinic actually riding their horse with a two rein bosal along with their regular bit, in order to help to bridle their horse better. It’s really nice to see people interested and maintaining the traditional standards of perfection and durability that approach can help to create. (more…)


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