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Well here I am, Reno, Nevada 2007. This makes, I believe year 37 for the Snaffle Bit Futurity – and it’s fun as always. It seems like there are more people and of course, more people you seem to recognize and know from experience in the past. Lots of action as always.


 The temperature’s a little different than past years! As the day has progressed it’s gotten colder and colder. There’s even snow on mountains!  And there are lots of people around here that look like they wish they had another layer of clothes on!  I brought my long overcoat and neckerchief, so I’m pretty happy. Now, for one thing, the cold weather does drive a lot of people inside, which here would mean the retail sales area – which looks really nice to to me this year. There is a higher volume and more people buying than normal.


I hear good reports on the horse sale too, and I have talked to people quite a few people that are telling me they made some pretty good buys this year. Really nice horses going through and they seem to be pretty affordable at least in the yearling age bracket.


I gave my bit and spur lecture like I do every year. I do one usually on Friday, which is today, and then Saturday about noon time. We always have a huge response to it. We make new friends and get to visit with old ones. Lots of people come with lots of bits and spur questions. I get to explain a lot of things that I understand, and I like the opportunity to share with other people. We have an exciting afternoon ahead too.  The sale’s about finished, then we start with the intermediate and limited finals for the rein work and fence work. We had the herd work this morning.


Well that’s my take so far on the Snaffle Bit Futurity. Sure is cold but wonderful. If you want to watch the live action along with me – just click the link on the right! 


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