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Note: In the October 2008 edition of this countdown, Les and Chex A Nic were ranked #3 in the list of All Time Greatest Horse & Rider Teams.  Les was particularly thrilled because the top two teams were cutters, so this made them the top pair in terms of reining and reined cowhorse events.  Here is a segment where Les talks about the honor and about Chex A Nic:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEDUw4n1nO4


Performance Horse Magazine, beginning in July of 2008, is going to count-down the top ten horse and rider teams of all time. These teams will be determined by you folks, their readers, and the top professionals. I would really love it if you considered voting for me and the horse Chex A Nic. He is gone now, but we were quite a team in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I took Chex A Nic to the AQHA World Show one time, actually the only time I’ve ever shown there. The AQHA shows have never been where I focused my effort in the past, but I thought we would venture off and try it. So there we were, our first visit to the World Show, and we went home with both the Senior Reining and the Senior Working Cowhorse Championships. It was pretty neat to show them what a California-style reined cowhorse could do, and that a horse could be competitive in both events.

Chex A Nic was quite a horse. I could not even tell you how many different World Championships he won in the NRCHA. He won the World Champion Bridle horse several times. He also was a World Champion All-Around Stock Horse. Chex A Nic was one of those horses you could just kind of point and shoot. When I fired him in a class—that is, when I took him to a reining or a reined cowhorse show—I knew I would be in the top two every time. I just knew I would. He made no mistakes.

The horse was loyal and true. He was the most awesome and spectacular horse a rider could ever be on. He stayed that way forever because we stopped showing him while he was still at his peak. The decision to quit showing him was difficult because he was still performing as well as he ever had; we just didn’t see a point in damaging the horse’s integrity. We started winners, and we quit winners. I showed the horse until he was 14 or 15, and started when he was a 3-year-old. He went pedal to the metal for about 12 years. He was solid as a rock, wonderful, invincible. Anybody that saw him will tell you that he was the greatest. Not only for my sake but for his, I would love to have your vote.

To cast your vote, the magazine is asking folks to submit their top five top horse and rider teams by May 1st (with their favorite pair being number one) to: Performance Horse Magazine Editor Breanne Hill, 2112 Montgomery Street, Ft. Worth, Texas 76107, or you can email your list to: breanne.hill@cowboypublishing.com


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